[JITSI MEET] Video Conference App

Can someone Create a Video Tutorial on How to Create a Video Conference App using JITSI MEET and using Activity Starter to Click the Start Meeting Button on the Website

Website: https://meet.jit.si/


You can use custom webviewer by @vknow360

yes I use the Custom Web Viewer but I don’t know how to Automatically Execute an Website Element if the User Press the Kodular Component Button

If the User Trigger the Kodular Button Component, then automatically trigger the Website Button or Textbox

use evaluate js block.

Thank You so Much!

its not working “document.getElementById(“enter_room_button”).click();”

I donot think that working @RDR_SA

Jitsi already have some commands to display username , meeting name , lobby name , start with mute and much more in link directed , I am also working on that

This is called deeplinking of jitsi meet

Can you show your blocks and screenshots, how far you have tried.

How please Guide me

why are evaluating javascript before visiting the URL?

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Oh sorry. Let me test it if it works



JITSIMEET.aia (2.2 KB)

can you paste the evaluate script here?

can you paste the document.getElement… here?

document.getElementsByClassName('deep-linking-mobile__button deep-linking-mobile__button_primary')[2].click();

Thank You!

There’s Error with the Permissions