Jpg more 4000 px width

I have a little/big problem and I would like someone on staff to give me an answer. It is likely that with Android 7.0 and lower versions it is not possible to load a longer jpg (width) of 3000 pixels (high 400) in the Canvas while with Android 8 (or later) this limitation is not there? Here here is a .aia
screen.aia (219,9 KB)

what exactly happens if you try to load that image in an older device?

probably because older devices do not have that much memory? You most probably also are using other assets in the app, which use memory…
see also Italo’s calculation in tip 2 here General Tips and Tricks for App Inventor/Kodular

did you try Scott’s canvas scroll examples?!searchin/app-inventor-developers-library/canvas$20scroll|sort:date
the examples are a little bit older, so you could check, what kind of image sizes Scott used…


The problem is: 10 days ago everything worked

No problems with that on devices running Android 5, 6, 7.
But why should the image have such large dimensions, there is no (apparent) reason.


this does not answer the question

also what did you find out after trying Scott’s examples?

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ok, i was wrong. The problem is memory. I expected the system to tell me “out of memory” and close the application. Instead, apparently, the canvas has a protection mechanism. It is obvious that in the versions with old tablets I used smaller bitmaps.

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