Json arranjamento vertical assincrono

Alguem sabe como criar um json arranjamento vertical assincrono

what language is this? plsease post in english… also follow community guideliness

Does anyone know how to create a json asynchronous vertical arrangement

it means? what is your json struture? and what direction you want it to be to load?

I want to create a json schema that loads asynchronously

then try recycler extension… if more data is there then dynamic compounda will take time to load where as recycler extension doesnot

thanks I’ll try!

Don’t recommend buggy things

can you tell us how this comes under buggy?

Horizontal card view schema is a buggy thing in this extension

Share your schema regarding what have you tried.

I created a schema using dynamic components and json, and it worked, it loaded the images and list items, the problem is the delay in loading…

this is the json schema i use

If you have more items then dynamic component definitely will consume time. So better , as I said earlier, try recycler extension

Or use image utility to set image by assyn method , may be it will create faster than

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