Json Array To get user data

i want to do like this to get user data but i can’t find Json Component in kodular i am too beginner any one can help me
i want to do like this

Kodular has replaced JSON by Dictionary which is available in blocks section.

how to use Dictionary i dont knOW please help me

See examples below

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This is my json format how can i get this?

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First of all your json is not valid cause it " and " uses instead of " "

Try something like this

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can u share the aia of this ?

where is jsonTextDecodeWithDictionaires Block??

I’m using extension by @Mohamed_Tamer


i want to remove bracket from the phone number how can i do it?


Or if you have more phones in a list another way is

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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my json is correct change after post in kodular

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