Json from web getting Problem


Not found :frowning:

Re read what I suggested above.

I forgot about ur post

When used ur suggestion


Hello guyz
My problem solved !
The problem is about to tg bot api
Anyway, thanks to everyone who those participated in this topic :slight_smile:

But, now guyz new bug formed :smiley:

Related blocks

What’s the bug here guys ?
Thanks in advance

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Your list is a normal list
The lookup in pairs block however expects a list of lists


So, what I can do ?

Can you show you web values ?

Why this post hidden and I can’t tag anyone to help me ?
@kodular kindly say

Yes, tagging of people is not a healthy one. If you post, it will be alert to them once they participate in the conversation if not it will reflect in their main topic. Also you have tagged too many peoples it seems so someone flagged.

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Those I want
Sry for scrollshot and bad quality :frowning:

Oh , ok ,tnx for info

Did you your blocks? In that you didn’t show how you saved the data in the variable decoded json.

Actually you are calling the decoded data in some other variable.

Also try this, remove each item block. Call the decodded items into a variable. From this variable you call organic results. And from this variable you try to call the required sub vales

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Blocks here @Still-learning

But, how’s it with a variable ?
Can u show me a demo blocks of it :slight_smile:

Set variable google_search_data and google_search_data_rslt to creat empty list. And set for each item to google_search_data_rslt

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I will try and let u know

Updated for each block to Google search data rslt also, but showing error