Json listview data

hello, I need the city and county names for my application. I tried to write as json, but I want only the county names to appear in the listview. The numbers should not appear. Can you help me?


Key : Value , do You Want only Values ?

Looks like it’s getting both, Key:Value

I want value

Let assume you json is

    "Adana": {
        "01": "Adana",
        "02": "Aladag",
        "03": "Ceyhan"
    "Adiyaman": {
        "01": "Adiyaman",

Then try something like this


you are awesome :slight_smile:

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When key is selected in spinner1, I cannot pass values ​​to spinner2. i am getting an error like this.

Post Deleted…

Why ? Post deleted

. Your error says, local variable temp list is not a list… pls see to that. Use any label to store the temp list and show us the values

how can I do it ??

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