Item showing issue in listview with json text decode

Item.aia (11.7 KB)
In listview not showing firebase items,
please help me for how to do this,

The best way to resolve your problem is to use Do it to debug your blocks and understand the reason you are not getting values. Problem is your firebase stucture and the way you use dictionary blocks to get data

If possible try this

I hope you are looking only tag under the bucket Promote

Item_1.aia (11.8 KB)

But in listview how to add two item…?

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Pro coder plz reply

Unable to catch your point… right now under one tag you are saving four values. So upon clicking the tag in the four labels you are seeing such values still what you are expecting? Sorry, if you want to display two items in list view mean, it will be headache to you. May I didn’t understand your query clear. Old explain a bit more detail.

Even if we do, then how can you get the value of clicked item from list view selection as tag? It will leads to more blocks

You are seeing three tags under the project PROMOTE… And the list view too displaying the same

I mean example in listview element i wanto add two item,
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