Select list item: List index too large

How To fix this Problem

Did you search the forum? This has been asked before.

You have only one item on a list and you are trying to get indeX number 2 item …
Try to put enough item on a list and get an item

i have only one item on list
our application working fine when i store simple english sentence on firebase
but when i post hindi sentence then show this error
Question2: How many list item stored in a list

i find this error
The error is that hindi sentence , I store on firebase has contain 1 comma on the middle of sentence
and when i store on firebase then creates two rows on list.

how to filter any sentence so that all the text in the textbox goes in one row
please help.

How to resolve this problem i can understand this.
please help @Boban

You are selecting index 2 from list but your list have only one item.

Please check and tell me what to do

i can share the the aia file if you need

I’m not use spreadsheet
So i don’t knowledge of spreadsheet.
But i think you call row 1(1 item) but you set 30 item in list

use Do it to debug your blocks
see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps