Select list item: List index too large


Select list item: List index too large

](Select list item: List index too large) please solve

Wow… What a nice question … BTW what you are looking for? What suggestion you are expecting ??

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Also Select list item: List index too large error indicates either that list is empty or you are trying to select an index that is greater than lenght of list.

Use Do it to debug your blocks and see if your lists are empty or not

Show your blocks, see what you are seeing in your app the same only we are seeing and as like you we are all also see what is the cause of the error. If you show the blocks, we will tell you the error spot.

Start value’s lenght is 3 and you want to select from index 4 till 15. What are you trying to do ?


Right click on get start value then click do it in companion mode and show us the result. We will tell you the root cause of your error

Custom_Dynamic_Extension_Listview.aia (311.3 KB)

Try this one

Custom_Dynamic_Extension_Listview_1.aia (312.9 KB)