Strange Error again and again: Select list item: List index too large

Before replying please read mine whole question and error

I know this error is cause while selecting list item from the list …
I saw all block …
It was correct no errors so I thought that may be it would be error while getting from online…
And I started to disable block while initialized …

I disable all the blocks while initialized and also I deleted when screen initialized block

And exported to apk I got this error again…

So I think when screen initialized block is deleted and nothing is loaded there will UI part only for visible…

Disabled clock timer too

But even I disabled all the blocks and initiazed part this is showing … So I know is this a bug or I cannot use many blocks… I have 2435 blocks…
Sorry if can’t share AIA publicly only I will share with kodular team

The error message tells you all you need to know.
You can not select item 1 if your list have 0 items!

Btw list index starts at 0.

Means it is:
Index | What you want
0 -> 1
1 -> 2
2 -> 3
3 -> 4


Yes I knew it…
And for debugging I disabled blocks which is initialized when screen initialized…
So not any blocks initialized when screen initialized…

So how this automatically threw this error when not any blocks are running …
Or caused by extension … ?

I have not error in companion…
But error on after exporting apk

There are probably some (critical) settings / properties of the components in the Designer.

… create a small example with which this problem can be reproduced and post the blocks / aia.

i was working on mine project
and it is big ones
i was working on there was not any error but after sometimes working on months on that project i found this error . after exporting apk
but not errors on companion.
i checked designer part nothing error .

i disabled blocks of when screen initiailze too

Initialize isn’t the only thing to run at startup though. For example, the block to watch for changes in Firebase runs independently of Initialize but might throw that error if you are trying to pick a list item at that time.

What happens in the AfterSelect event?

I am not using firebase and I disabled all block thing that runs automatically

Nothing … But this is showed at begining …
And I stated all thing … Above that I had disabled all blocks … When screen initialized …
And all other blocks like which run like timer ,firebase…

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Can u help me I can send u AIA personally message

Yes, you can send it.


have you solve your problem?

I got problem like you got

how to solve it

Post your blocks here your issue will be solved

i have the same problem like him

But your blocks cant same

it is my old project and i have post it in google play and work well, today i wanna update it, i add one label text.
when i build new apk and try it in my phone, i get “select list item error”