Help : why my app always show "select list item : list index too large" from beginning

my app has no problem before. today I have only added one text, when I built why my app always show “select list item : list index too large” from beginning?

I don’t use get list or select list in initialize screen.

Yes, this errors is come every time infect without using select list block this error will automatic fix when i reload Kodular Creator and open project again.

i have tried reload page kodular creator but i still get the “select list item : list index too large” :pensive:

Can you show me your blocks?

You only write this blocks in this screen?

the are many block

Show me every block.

i don’t change block i made before.
my app run well before.

i have just add one label in my app and build apk again, when i run the new apk i get that error

If you use firebase loop system then it’s give this error. You can solve this error by using other database or try to change firebase component or show me your blocks.

i use firebase but why only apk i made today get error,

i use firebase data change block, but when the block i deleted it still snows error select list

this is my old project and i made 8000 block, my last edit was one month ago.
for 8000 block how can i show every block :roll_eyes:.

I tried in companion, nothing get error. :thinking:
when build apk the error select list shows

I am also facing this error now trying to fix this error in my app. :dizzy_face:

Edit: I fixed my error.

Are you using On text changed event in your project, then this might be the issue

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thank you, that is the problem,
I think that is new bug On text changed event because it never happens before.

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