Bug in text changed event of textbox

Describe your issue

The On text changed event of the textbox component gets triggered on screen initialise.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Create a test project and take a textbox and label component and use blocks from the below image to reproduce the issue. Or you can set anything on text changed event, like notifier, snackbar, etc.

Expected Behaviour

It shouldn’t get triggered except the text has changed in the textbox

Show your Blocks


Properties of textbox : default


Test apk : Tool (10).apk (5.2 MB)


Try in apk not companion. This issue not occurs in companion (STRANGE)


In apk as well as in companion the above said code works perfectly

You will get TRUE/FALSE correctly with this code


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This kode must be working and can be used as a workaround to avoid the error. But basically, the bug exists and the event should not be triggered anytime except on text changed.

it is not a bug, i hope, only logic is missing

Wdym by logic is missing ?

The event is for text changed and it should be only triggered that time.

Anyways I don't want to debate on it anymore..thx
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The point isn’t true false. It is the event triggered when screen initialised, and it shouldn’t be behaving like that.


It is new bug On text changed event because it never happens before.

I got problem in my old project using On text changed event.

On text changed event runs from initialize screen.

to solve this problem, we must make a logic in On text changed event

I hope Kodular team can fix this new bug


Tks for the tip. However, when I use back space in the text, the lmage List View is not loaded again. We need to place some more codes. Best Regards

This error is from the beginning of the Kodular. Just like many others in other extensions.
You have to get used to these errors because no one corrects them.