Select list item: List index too large error

Hello guys, I made an application in kodular, but I am getting this error. How do I fix it?

the error comes only once when the application is first downloaded

Code Block :

Error :

Please Help Me Friends

i think the “get my location” block is not returning the value in list type

i think it,s returning the value in String Format

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I guess I solved the problem, the issue may close

I solved it this way

Nice Buddy

no it didn’t happen :frowning:

How can I fix ?

Check The “Get My Location” Bock’s Value i thinks it,s an empty list in the “Get My Location” Block

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Can you connect with alpemix or teamviewer please?

Please PM me For that

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I still haven’t found a solution
please help me

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Please Tell me what’s you are trying to archive

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