Select list item: list index too large error

Hi expert koders. I have gone through the community related thi stopic but i cant find my solutions. There are 8 rows in airtable and they are shown in the app, but this error is coming again and again.

and this is the apk

News_App.apk (5.0 MB)

This has been asked many many times before.
So it would be special when your solution wasn’t on the community.

If you want help show the related blocks.

my list is not empty. but shows your list is empty

Show your list and your relevant blocks.

Here is the list:

and the blocks:

Because not all of the app inventor blocks works synchronize ( stops the block execution until it has been done ) your for loop will start before you get the data from airtable… So the list will be empty of course!
What’s the solution:
Put your for loop in the if then statement so it will not start until the app gets the data from airtable…


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