Select list item: List index too large

When I enter the screen where I have the function of taking data from a list, there are 8 elements, and I choose element 6, it tells me that the index is very large compared to the size of the list. How can i fix it?

It tells me that the index is too long for the size of the list, when selecting the number β€œ6” as the index, but the number of elements in the list is 8 elements.


You can search in the community !!!
Is the best option not to wait for an answer and learn to solve it yourself.

Edit: If you can’t solve it, please post your blocks without them it is impossible to know where the error is.


The error code you posted clearly states that you are trying to get 6th item of the list but your list has only 1 item.

Probably, data you sent from previous screen is recognized as only 1 item.

If you are sending data as a list then there should be no issues as you are using (get item - item;list), in case you are using any seperators to join elements before sending than you have to seperate your items referring same seperators and you can use above procedures, this is what i could understand from your post / reference.

Posting your blocks with your message/posts helps others to troubleshoot and helps you quickly without wasting their valueable time to assume what you might have used or configured.

Still, unable to fix? Kindly posts your blocks and i am sure someone over the community will help you :blush:


you are right friend, you can solve the problem above. Thank you very much to all the comments on this publication