Firebase List value

Hey dear friends I want to show firebase tags values in listvise but its showing random values in listview how can I get values in list view as I set on firebase

Also I want to know it’s possible to Change specific number value I mean I want to change 130+1 its possible without removing first values

Which Type of Loop Have You Used ?
or this :

2nd for each item

Can You Show me Your Blocks.

I will be Able to See if there is Something in the Blocks

Also I used for each number but same result

Are Values Confines to One Specific Text Length ?

Do you wish data to show according to tags ? Have you tried

Yes I want to show value with his tag

Have you tried the blocks that I showed you?

Yes it’s working fine but the values showing different in listview, for example 004 tag 574 but in listview showing random scroll up post and check

If They are then Maybe i can help you

I don’t understand what are you saying

in the Screenshot it displays a 3 digit no. are your actual Values 3 digit no.s
or they are something else

Yes in three digit are Values and 001 to last are tags

If you wish post your aia to check it

So u can Add All Values in the Same Tag and start the tag with a Plus
eg. tag_name - “+325+223+333”
and Make a Loop Like This :

I explain you what I really want to say for example if we call column from Airtable and the list are same in listview but in case I called tag list after tagged list, I call to get value of tag by for each item loop, and why the value list showing different list from firebase value list hope you understand

You need to use listutil extension to show it in order or you can use json method to show the exact order

Using ListAddon extension

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Thanks I will check, and reply to you soon

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