Hi guys, need help in using freee custom dynamic component extension

hi, i need to create list view using custom dynamiccomponent extention.And my datas are in firebase database, when i use get taglist i got taglist and it was okay, but when i try to find values for each tag and try it in the list that i made, i cant do it,can any one help me


You can’t do it like that . You need to put values in one single tag by seperating it with any symbol just like slash or hypen . Then you need to use split at text block to make it a list . And then connect it to your extension

@Seller_Newbie watch this video tutorial to learn more https://youtu.be/e--u3Pr_2X4

if i does like that ,then can i delete a single value from it. and i need the listview as such the last value that i uploaded should be on the top.
is there any method to do so?

explain better, I definitely can help with fireBase related problems

i need to create a list view and i am using free custom dynamic component extension, and the datas are stored in firebase as title as tags and subtitle(need more than one subtitle,that is why i use these method) as values.
and the list should be like this,

  1. the last stored value should be on the top
  2. if needed any item can be removed from it
    can you help me

Have you being able to determine the layout of your list?
if yes then send me preview… and how you want your data to show in app

this is the view that i needed. and i had created it using that extension

Good, now you need to configure firebase, do that… or show a preview what you have done

here, when i call value for each tag the value of first tag is coming.
and i got that error also

The error is as a result of repeating ID in your extension(your dynamic component extension).

check that you only use ID uniquely to a particular dynamic component