Dynamic list view using Firebase as database, get data and show in dynamic List view

This is my first guide about, how to get data from firebase and show in Dynamic List view.

#thanks to @yusufcihan for Dynamic Component Extension
for extension line click here

Now when coming to Dynamic list you can create any type of list design using above extension. I have made an example of output see below:
This is just an example:

The Designer Part image:

My Firebase Structure image:

Now the blocks part based on above out you can create any type of list design
Step-1 :





In above step-5 make changes in comment that how your database structure looks like for one tag
Make changes that – for “get value for key” = comment ( set first value of tag )
for “select list item list index” = comment ( set total one tag to ending value like my tag is item1 - title - textn - image ) like this make comment structure based on above image.
for "global count " = comment ( set Result to 1 , 2 , 3 _ _ _ )
Note : Make structure of text same in above image

Make Dynamic List Setup for every component

Till now the Dynamic list view completed using firebase, Now we set on click
On click get another element text or same clicked text
Use this method

in above code in place of this code

use the text index like if the firebase tag is Name the use

see this image for what I have did for click event

**Thanks for helping for this code @Still-learning and extension is from @yusufcihan **
Now this is just basic guide


Can you share your apk file