Retrive data from firebase and use the data in list view using Dynamic Component

I want to Retrive data from firebase project bucket. And there are many project buckets, use the retrieved
data in list view using Dynamic Component

Here is my firebase style

Do you want to get all the details? Can you show us some eg? the out put must look like

pls check this

i want to show the retrived data in the above dynamic list

Good… then refer that topic, use the schema they used in your aia… create what you like… if any error occurs againpost here… simple

i can do it…but problem is i cant retrive the values from the firebase. only tags are coming…
eg, if i choose project bucket 01 then it only retrive preference block, preference district…userID but not the values… so how do i retive the corresponding values?

show us your work in terms of blocks

without using bucket, just call the data from fb using this tag

youwill get all the datas under this bucket as a dictionary mode then parse into required lists then do whatever you want

got like this… then what shall i do?

this is not complete block , pls show us properly

downlad that bucket as json and import here to help you faster

Actually this is a dynamic component list view example and i want to put my firebase data to this type of list view

what to write on the template section of dynamic component?

Insted of schema you can use above blocks

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