Dynamic component from Firebase

I want to create dynamic component from firebase data… Anyone plz guide me blocks…or gimme some hint…:pensive::pensive:

What have you tried so far? Once you get data in list or lists create dynamic components according to your needs and lenght of lists

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I m using this way but not create the dynamic component…

Am I wrong something or somewhere …??

How should I know ? Do you get any error in procedure ? Click on for each number block, download it as png and upload it here to see how you create dynamic components

Ok… Gimme 2 minutes

I m now in my smart phone so unable to download the block… But here is the aia

jaisairam1.aia.zip (201.2 KB)

What should I put to test it ?

Try this

jaisairam3.aia (201.3 KB)

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If you searched the same using search option in community, i am sure you won’t have created this topic

More than 50+ suggestions are there, atleast anyone would have match with your query… yours is not a new one. Already it was solved by someone earlier

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Why this blank card generate ???

It’s slow down the loading speed I guess

In your firebase you have also a gsr tag that caused the creation of empty cardview. If you do not want to use it either delete it from firebase or change code like this

If possible check this , whether loading data slower or not

jaisairam4.aia (201.0 KB)

Edited via mobile so it will seems to be somewhat

Ok…thank you so much for your help

Make sure, it is giving dyna com according to same length of tags list. No conditions r used are needed. this web method will continue to work untill you enable authentication, once enable it won’t work

Thn for authentication what will I used ??

Tag list method only you need to use

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