Error In Creating Dynamic List With Firebase

Hello Friends Im Creating A Dynamic List With Firebase For Educational Purpose But Some Errors Creating Some Thing Different So Plz Help Me To Creating This Project.

What is the problem? How did you creating the dynamic , you must show us also must show us your error …

For better things and. if you are not using authendication, call firebase data using web method and put them into list. Then call create dynamic

No Im Creating This Dynamic List With Firebase Because Of Realtime Database Changed Option In Blocks So It Will Help Me A Lots

Ok, and the error is? What was your output seeing in the compaion ?

Make Sure your firebase2 get value is a list of items else this method won’t work

Always try to do, checking do it your global variables

One Minute Plz…

The easiest way to identify the problem is to use Do it to debug your blocks

In This Upper Side One Was List View

And Down Side Was Custom List This Is Not Creating In Perfect Way

Where do you set global lenght ? Check procedure or post your procedure blocks


mh_notes.aia (683.5 KB)

Plz Check That Blocks By Aia

Plz Reply If This Possible Or Not

Are you looking like this??

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