Create a ListView with a value from Firebase

Hi. I have a database in Firebase with Tag and its respective value(default). How can I create a Listview with just a Value from that database ?
Example: Database → Tag:´Color´ Value: ´Blue´. I want to create a ListView with ´Blue´.
Thank you

Already solved guide, blocks, aia multiple numbers are there in community. Didi you search for it?

Actually this is just vey basic in firebase. Didi you try anything?

I made the search and not found.

Surprise to hear

I saw you posted. Tks. I already use AfterPicking, but my question here is How to created a new listview with valeu without using After Picking.

try to understand the logic…

  1. get tag list
  2. get firebase value
  3. put it inot list view
    thats all

When I do this 3 steps, in my list view appears only the TAG. It does not show the Value. It different than when you get a value from When ´database´ GOT VALUE, that you can choose tag or value. Did you got it ?

Show your blocks

You are setting your ListView elements to get value and that is the reason that only tags are shown. Post a screenshot of your database and what you want to show in list view

This is my database. The first column is TAG and the second is value. I´d like to create a listView with values, not TAG.

if you use, get tag list, then you need to sort it by using another extension…

but this will give you the same order as it is iin db unless you use bstrong text method

Tks for your ideas. Now, I got this error:

And this is the code:

I changed the https and had success. Thank you very much !!!

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