🚀 JSON Parser - Simplify JSON Handling in Kodular Apps [FREE]

Hello Kodular Community! :wave:

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my latest extension - the JSON Parser for Kodular! :tada: This extension simplifies JSON handling in your Kodular apps, making it easier than ever to work with JSON data.

Key Features:

  • Get JSON values by key
  • Get array length by key
  • Get all keys from a JSON object
  • Check if a key exists
  • Remove key from a JSON object
  • Merge two JSON objects
  • Check if a value is a JSON object, array, number, boolean, or null
  • Get JSON object or array by key
  • Convert JSON string to a pretty format
  • … and much more!

How to Use:
Simply drag and drop the JSON Parser extension into your Kodular project. The blocks are intuitive and user-friendly, making JSON manipulation a breeze.

com.rasitech.json.parser.aix (10.2 KB)

List Block:

Example Block Usage:

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this example json

  "nama": "John Doe",
  "umur": 30,
  "alamat": {
    "jalan": "Jl. Contoh",
    "kota": "Contoh Kota",
    "kodePos": "12345"
  "hobi": ["berenang", "membaca", "menulis"],
  "menikah": false

Get Json Object

Get sub json Object

Get json Array

------ or ------

I’d love to hear your feedback! Whether you have suggestions, encounter issues, or just want to share your experience, feel free to leave a comment or reach out.

Happy coding, and may this extension streamline your JSON handling in Kodular! :globe_with_meridians::rocket: