JSON text decode not working in fenix

I was using my application from around 2 to 3 weeks it was working fine.

I was storing my tinydb data in phone memory and retrieving it as per requirement of the user but now i am facing problem. Error is “list 11 is out of bound” and after lot of hard work able to home on to the point that JSON text decode is not working which was working fine in the last edition.

I am sharing 2 blocks one for exporting data and other when data is imported
here “data” “draft” “part2” are dictionary data and rest 2 are lists.

Please suggest any other way out to do this

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JSON decode block works for me as earlier. There may be a problem with the path of your file:

  • Relative file paths are now accepted in File/Copy block.
    Only absolute paths were working; now relative paths work too.

json text decode block was working perfectly for me


i found the problem

i was trying to create a sub dictionary in the imported file by using “set keypath” which was not updating when i am updating in the imported file however for normal it is working

earlier this problem was not coming

Now i have utilized an alternate method as per layout of program