[JSONTools Extension] Unable to install the JSONTools Extension!


I tried to install the “JSONTools Version 4.aix”, and i got an error in the installation!

There is any way to use this extension?

Thank you!

Let’s find out where the problem comes from.

  • Try to install this extension to another platform. Create empty project in AI2, then upload the extension.

  • Is it worked? Then this extension is not compatible for Kodular.

  • Is it didn’t work? Then try to download extension again. And try to upload again.

  • Still not working? Then contact with extension developer.

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“JSONTools Version 4.aix” works great in AI2!

Uploaded again in Kodular! Didn’t worked!

For Me JSON Tools is Working Fine in Kodular.

I may have some Older version rather than Version4.


Unable to import:
JSONTools Version 4.aix

I can’t find an older version :frowning:

Here you can Download Any Version You Want


Thank you!

I made a new project and I successfully import the “JSONTools Version 4.aix”!

I don’t have a clue why the extension is given error in my atual project!


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Maybe you downloaded wrong?

No! It’s the same file!

I´ve the following components in my atual project:

I’m not sure if some component can interfere with the “JSONTools Version 4.aix” extension!



Technical Data to be Submitted:
foundIn = 1.3B.2-Draco
faultData = com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (TypeError) : Cannot read property ‘p’ of undefined”


This is crazy…
I made a copy of the project, and in the new copy the JSONTools extension is installed:

Maybe this topic can help people with the same problem!

Hug & Thanks!

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