Just a little survey

To enhance your experience with Kodular, I’d like you to take this little survey:

New things

Which services from Google, do you really want?

  • Cloud Firestore (hehe :wink: )
  • ML Kit (machine learning)
  • Analytics (that you can see)
  • Authentication (add more options)

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I know what you’re doing!! Let’s go Mobile authentication friend :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Do you :wink:?

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Yes, of course :star_struck: @ProKoders join the vote :grimacing:

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It’s still April :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everyone’s asking for everything. Isn’t that a bit useless? Personally, all I want currently is better Analytics, although its not that necessary since I can make my own Analytics to suite my needs.


Now a days, if you download an app which has signup/login feature than 90% of them will have mobile number Authentication and its important to prevent from fraudulent . using OneSignal has the best Analytics in my opinion (currently)

Yeah but at anytime for no cost what so ever, they can change their Phone Number.


You’re right! but it also depends upon the security of the app. whatever i just voted for it :blush:

Hey look it’s April 7th.