😉 Just tried something unique. It will blow your mind 🧠

Congratulations on the great work!! :+1:t2:
This gave me lots of ideas for my future Apps!

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@devcafeofficial next Sunday is also over please share the aia

Don’t hold people to posting an AIA, if they don’t want to share, they don’t have to. Try making it yourself if you need it that bad.


You are … Amazing and unique work didnt saw that before good go :metal: :heart_eyes:

Nice temperament!

Can You Share this Extension paid or free


How to create any tutorial

Which tutorial? did you mean to Guide ?

sidebar tutorial how to create you

Okay, I was already going to make a guide on this tomorrow,
I’ll let you know, when I post

[update] I’m out of station for 2 days, I’ll make a guide when I get back


If you are good in writing with blocks, then you are tutorial writer.

Great Nicely made

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Good…i can do that​:blush:

Works on Android 8 :heart:

Work with Android 11

I don’t think the OP meant Android version, they meant devices…

This is GREAT @devcafeofficial

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Awesome. Works on mi8 Android 10