How to contact atom developer

good someone has the contact of atom developer, exoplayer developed by him is not working, no longer responds telegram.

Please don’t spam the forum.


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you can find his webpage in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps



I have his telegram account

Since the subject came out, I don’t understand why it is forbidden to put email, whatsapp or any other “personal information” here.
It should be not allowed to put personal information about others people, but if I decide make myself availabe by email, why can’t I?

It is very common try to talk with someone that was once an active member that made good contributions - specially extension developers - but is not anymore and this rule makes almost impossible to contact those people.
I myself kept a few months trying to contact a brazilian dev of this forum, but he abandoned Kodular and I really needed to talk to him.
My luck is that I have made 2 donations for him in the past, and I started sending him a few cents again just to call his atention until I got to talk to him.


A suggestion: look for he on another Community platform…

I think you’ll find it…:+1:

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may i know which telegram account you talking about i think he has 2 and on 1 he is no longer active