JWT SSO for the app

I have my database on firebase and use its data for the login/register services for the app’s authentication purpose. Now, I want to add a community in my app(webviewer) using the community provider tribe.so but the problem is that it requires signup and login for users to post and I don’t want to end my users with using mobile number(password less) authentication for the app and email and password credentials for accessing community. I have options to add OAuth2 sso and JWT sso from tribe.so but I don’t know how to setup and link that with firebase. Here is the setup page:

I would be really obliged if anyone can help me on this…Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

One question: do you want to hire someone to do this?

Well…I am not hiring anyone…If anyone could help me give an idea on how to achieve this then I can do it myself…

It would be helpful if you could share what software your community runs

From what I can see: I would recommend creating an API using NodeJS that uses the Firebase Admin SDK and the rest of the steps provided by the forum software

Maybe something like:

Firebase Auth. GetToken → Send Token in background to your NodeJS API


Validate Token and Get User Based on Token → Generate URL with the JWT for the forum → Return URL to the App


In the background do the redirection in a Webview with the returned URL