Kally's Mashup App | The app for fans of this series

I will move the topic to Koded Apps once the application is finished

Hi all! Today I want to show you some screenshots of my application based on the

series “Kally’s Mashup”

This project was the main reason why I started creating applications :smiley:

Important note: the application has the provisional approval of some team members behind Kally’s Mashup

Now yes, progress screenshots :slight_smile:

Login Screen

Terms and Conditions

It should be noted that Nickelodeon is part of VIACOM, therefore Kally’s Mashup also

Two Auth Methods

I have integrated Google Login because it is one of the easiest methods to create an account.

Anyway I am creating a type of “guest access” using a #MashupFriend code

Account | Settings

I’m still thinking of what to add to this screen, but for now I have added two options:

  • Themes: Device, Light and Dark (The first option is based on the value returned by the Night Mode extension, Thanks @Mika! )

  • In-App Updates

I’m really without ideas :confused: , so I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile:

KALLY’S Mashup Uruguay on Instagram


there must be something like logout, and language, app version, sharing, rating

The language will be according to the user’s language

I will add it below all along with my AB Studios logo

I don’t think I need a function to share at the moment, maybe later when I implement the KallyChat

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