Keep session without firebase authentication

Cheers guys, I have a problem.

How can I make the user keep session every time she enters the app so that she is not entering her username and password? and all this without using the firebase. Can’t it be done any other way? (I don’t use firebase authentication as login and if I use it now I will damage all the configuration that I have).

Thanks for your attention, I hope a prompt solution.

You can use TinyDB.
Like…“tag”,make a list(email, password))

And when screen1.initialize
If tiny dB.getvalue(“tag”). select item from list(0) not equal to “” then set screen(main)

Hope it helps :relaxed:

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Thank you very much friend … I will try, but I would like you to express it in blocks hehe.

Can I share it tomorrow :blush: IST Indian standard time

First you could try

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I agree with that. thanks friend


For reference @ElMaxicero4


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