Key store deleted

I deleted my ke store of app I am working on its not published yet…
I have its aia file created before deleting key store … Now how can I get my keystore again … Can uploading aia file to another account and editing there will work

Hi @ved_vinayak, welcome to the community !!!
If don’t change your account the key is the same for all the projects you have created with that account.

Edit: Read my question,

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But I did not export key store of any project before… Now if I create any new project it’s without keystore

The keystore does not belong to your projects, but to your account.

No project (aia) contains a keystore. This is generated by your account when the app is compiled (→ APK) and the APK is signed with it.

So as @bestprintsf said, if you’re using the same account and haven’t changed the keystore (i.e. haven’t imported a new one), all apps will be signed with the same keystore.

So I just created new account and imported my backup aia file of project and then clicked on settings but there is no key store visible. How come?.. Or when will it show up.?

You have to read :upside_down_face:

Even on your other account, if keystore was deleted, just compile your project to APK and you would have gotten a new keystore…

How to compile do you mean that I have to export that project to apk file…
And even then where will I get my keystore…

It’s all bouncing over my head just tell me that if I add aia file to my newly created account and start working on it in how many days I would be able to see keystore.
Because right now that Field is empty even in my new account.


After you have build your first project (exported that project to apk file) then just refresh your Kodular creator page and after that you will see your keystore…

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Thanks to everyone… It worked
And Boban I have seen your previous replies in which you said “keystore is gone forever” and I was too afraid… But glad to know it is back and not gone forever :slightly_smiling_face:

Make a backup of your newly made keystore…

You can always create a new keystore but you can never recreate same keystore twice and there by it’s gone for ever if you delete it and you don’t have a backup.

So doing the above steps will only create new keystore…

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