Keystore SHA1 where to find

I can’t find KEYSTORE in the new version of Kodular. Does anyone know where to find?


Hi! You can find it in Account -> Settings (On Kodular Builder)

how to create a keystore i build an apk still keystore option is disabled

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You have keystore backup or You or using Google Android apk bundle?

no im new to kodular

Then why your keystore was disabled.

don’t know that is what i’m asking all about

Can you please post a screenshot of that page where you got that your keystore is disable

sure on the way

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create a new project & team will create a new keystore for you

i already did but still same

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Then you can go to any other builder site. Export keystore from there & impprt it here.

before doing ans me few question.

  1. Have you ever updated your app on play store or You are using Android Apk Bundle?

never used it and updated it

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i’m pretty much new here

ok then the solution go with any other builder & create a project. You will get keystore export it from there & import here…

Pm. Me i will explain you there…

ok thank you

Thanks, very good.

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