Keystore -Something is not right

Hi Team,
I have created the keystore named as android.keystore even then i am getting something is not right error

I have used the link " ```
keytool –genkey –v –keystore just2try.keystore –alias someKindOfName –keyalg RSA –validity 10000

Please help me to sort this issue

Why are you creating the keystore yourself? Why not use the one from Kodular?

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Thanks boban for Reply. I have followed the same and was still facing the same issue

Thanks Peter for reply. in Kodular i was not getting the Keystore value. it’s blank

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did you deleted your old keystore ?

No Alapjeet. I have not deleted the Old keystore. I was having it as blank from first

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Got the solution for this.

If the Keystore SHA1 is blank ,Click on Export -> save .APK file to my computer
later refresh the page and look into Keystore SHA1. Value will be available

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Why didn’t you say this in the first place :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Sorry i have missed it :yum: :yum:

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