Keystore something's not right even after renaming and changing password

Hey everyone,
So my issue started when i deleted my old project file and created a new one to update my apk ( made using the deleted file) on google play console. Yes i am a newbie so i didn’t know about app signing and stuff. So i requested play console for a new keystore, and being as stupid as i am, I didn’t give them the keystore from my project in kodular, instead i created a new keystore and gave them that,
My plan was to import this new keystore into kodular but that didn’t work cause it needs . keystore file. I have searched previous discussions on this topic so i renamed and changed password and everything so that i had “android.keystore” file with password “android” and “androidkey” as the alias with password “android”. And it did import this time but kodular says,“Something’s not right”.
I am so exhausted by this now, PLEASE If someone can help me, PLEASE tell me what to do.

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