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I have been very patient and restricted myself from asking this question in the community, as there are already many posts with the same question, but the sad thing is none of the post has the answer and so I had to ask this question. Kindly read and answer before de-listing.

So when is Kodular releasing API 30?

People are coming up with amended ways, of changing API level from 29 to 30, but that is not a solution. This leaves me in a loop of whehter kodular is going to release API 30 or not, or we people have to do it manually with solution from kodular.

Dear people, Kindly address this question before delisting, there are several such questions on community but none of the post has the proper answer.

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Keep in mind, lots of bugs thereby search the community…

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I think everything is ok now and targeting the API 30

Already API 30 is updated though you can’t see it on the builder side, but when you compile an apk or aab and try to upload it on play store then you will find that the API 30 is already targeted inside and there is no warning concerning that API 30

Try from your end to upload your apk on the APK Studio you will see in the Manifest API 30 already targeted.

This is the AAB I just updated it today on my playstore and you can see the target is API 30

Everything is not ok,

Current update is just a temporary fix, it can cause issues while dealing with files outside ASD(maybe including ASD) or Android 11.

People( AI2 + Kodular + Niotron) are working to implement storage access framework. After this a stable version will come.

According to me, it will take minimum 15-20 days

After reading through the replies I am little scared as to what are the bugs exactly?
What type of apps and what circumstances are expected to throw bugs?
Will these bugs show up only on devices running on API level 30 ( Android 11) or on all sorts of devices irrespective of API level?

can anyone elaborate on this?


Do you think they will launch a stable version in 15-20 days? Is it a random guess or this will actually happen?

ill try my apk on an older verison of android and see if it makes any difference…

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Is this issue coming up only in Android 11 devices or device with any API?

What is the work around :confused: If our app throws bugs in android 11 devices then it wont look good.

Has there been any ETA given by Kodular Team as to when they are releasing the complete version?

Also these bugs not coming in apps made in MIT AI2 Platform right?

You’ll probably need to get more familiar with this

FYI, they have just bumped the target SDK to 30 so you can publish to PlayStore

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I am using this extension in my App - [F/OS] Image Loader - Extension for image loading and caching

Will I face issues in devices running on API 11?

So here basically I am loading image from my online server.

I don’t know

No, AI2 and Niotron have already decided that this will not happen (for the time being).
And I think the same will be the case for Kodular.

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