Kodular Account Denying Connections

First off, congrats kodular for getting so many users that your servers are denying connections. Although, I just wanted to build an app…

Our systems are currently under excessive load and can sometimes deny connections. We’re working on a fix and will have it ready for the next release. Till then, please reload the page to circumvent the error.
Thanks for your patience.


Performance Problems

Well, do expect the load to go up. There are many users at Thunkable who are being driven away by their decision to stop supporting Classic. They will be more welcome here.


I came here from thunkable when they rereleased Kodular (Makeroid still at the time). It was so much nicer here and it came with much more features. Thank you Kodular team for your continued work on Kodular! It is the best of the no-code app building options out there because of you!


Kodular has been having issues like this, specifically with the Store since October. All we’ve gotten told was it’s going to be fixed in the next release, which from my debugging, should be around January 1st or on January 1st. However, we never received a specific date, so at this point kinda being left in the dark.

I kinda fixed it? Looks like it’s missing a stylesheet or two… Reloading doesn’t help.

Try to remove extensions from your browser and try to reload.

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