Kodular ads stopped showing - serious matter

All are facing issue kodular please solve the issue…:+1:


I think if they are not paying attention to the issue User should try any other ads network because in that situation you can not earn more from Ads manager due to that issues.:man_shrugging:

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Please look around… so many people are having problem with ads. It’s not possible that all these people have made wrong configuration. Atleast tell us what problem is Kodular facing? Will these problems be solved or not so that we will not expect anything from Kodular and stop posting same thing again and again.


Yes all are facing the issue… Then the issue is with kodular side

Atleast tell us what is the issue or kodular noticed the issue & working on it…??

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I request to all kodular staff plz solve this issue …:cry:

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Once Kodular Enable Video Inventory & Add Networks to the Open Bidding everything will work smoothly.

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We Need Facebook Audiance Network SDK Update So Pls Update Fb Sdk

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Yes after this issue will be solved

In my apps every app ads txt is perfect but we see very very less ads if you fixed this issue definitely users earn more money than kodular also get good commission from our ravenue. You asked in your recently posts kodular pays Google for inventory so we demand to ask kodular give us good ads