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I need help, I have a table in airtable = TEST, I need to filter only one type of genre, and display it in a LIST VIEW inside kodular, Example: everyone with genre = male or female, how to do that, thank you for your help.--------- see the posted image.

you have to make a compare method,

that maybe goes too long for you, so in simple you can make 2 tables like you created genre,

create 1 for male 2nd for female,

if a user select gender male while registration then set table name to male and send data to male,
and while getting data also set table name to male and get data, same goes for female,

but if you want to create method for this, you have to create a compare method and everytime you have to compare data.


thanks i fine


Airtable has the views, that sometimes people don’t take the potential out of it.

I’d create two views. One view with a filter to show Male records, and one view for Female. Something like this:

here you create a new view:


Here you can put a name to the view:


Here you create 2 filters so that only the Males are shown (For Female it would be the same but inverted):

Then in Kodular you call the view with this block:


For Female you create another view. And you create 2 filters but this time inverted.

In airtable you can create as many views as you want.

This has the advantage that you don’t have to create fields or modify the original table. You simply add or remove filters…

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I am very grateful to solve my problem, thanks :grinning:

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