Kodular and Plan Ceibal?

First: What is Plan Ceibal?

Plan Ceibal was created in 2007 as a plan for inclusion and equal opportunities with the aim of supporting Uruguayan educational policies with technology. Since its implementation, every child who enters the public education system in any part of the country is given a computer for personal use with free Internet connection at school. In addition, Plan Ceibal provides programs, educational resources and teacher training courses that transform the ways of teaching and learning.

What I’m want :

Plan Ceibal has a tool called “Valijas TIC”, which are tools that students can use for free They also suggest App Inventor as a platform to program, so I contacted them to add Kodular to the list

Personally as a student I would like to boost programming in young people And in Uruguay things are achieved like this

First with the micro:bit

And why not with Kodular? :thinking::hugs:

I received an answer this morning, the request was sent to the “Valijas TIC” area

Therefore, if they accept the request, Plan Ceibal could implement workshops of this Platform and / or challenges for students



Great news