Kodular app can download only http/https only

Mair Musix

WebView App


Hi, I was Music streaming website app but whenever I hit the download button I get an error that says the image below

The blocks I used are shown in the image below :point_down:

Any help I will be glad pls :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

I don’t really understand?

What kind of URL it is?

Definitely blob.

check your download URL

It still the same I’m using https:// extension and still I get that error but it now showing the error from the start tho… But I later show it when I add no internet connection screen and I try to remove the screen but I still get the same error

You forgot to tell us

As the error message is trying to tell you: your url must start with http or https
So what is your url?

Yeah, I mean https://

Please provide am example url you are using, which does not work