Kodular app - gateway osmand and arduino

Hi all,
I am andrea and I am a mechanical engineer. And i am facing to building app with kodular right now.

I have in my mind a project which i would like to develop based on passing information from osmand app and an arduino via Bluetooth.

So with kodular i want to create a simple app which behaves like a gateway between arduino and osmand.

From osmand is possible to use an API which is called GET_INFO in which i would to extract two angle values.

Then these two angles should be transmitted to arduino via Bluetooth. All this continously during a navigation.

How could I do it?

The Osmand app is running on your device while you want to pass something to Arduino?

Which means, the Kodular app must run in the background, which makes your project challenging… I’m not sure, if it will be possible…

Let me suggest you to start with a simpler project…


Osmand background, but the kodular app can stay active