Kodular Apps on Android TV

I’m pleased to show that apps compiled in Kodular do indeed work on Android TV, albeit partially. :smile:

The app I used for this test was the Pixabay API Search Template build R1, primarily because it’s one of my only publicly available projects that:

  1. Works irrespective of device orientation.
  2. Has a design that works partially with input from an Android TV remote.

Pictures of the app in action:

The title bar menu works. Buttons work. Text boxes work. Avoid Arrangements. In my admittedly limited testing, the TV could not select anything inside an arrangement, and kept trying to click the component. This includes ListViews; I will try to investigate if TV-friendly ListViews can be made.

What’s the takeaway? There is no inherent property of Kodular Apps that would make them incompatible with TVs. And even though you can’t realistically use your usual Kodular projects on a TV, you can make apps for Android TV with some careful design choices.

As always, K_D here pushing the boundaries of Kodular. :wink:

Happy Koding!


nice man :man:

Thanks! That’s incredible :smiley:

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