Kodular asset upload error (FIXED)

(alex khachikyan) #1

Hello, I Have Some Problems With Uploading Assets

Please help me

It says: An internal error has occurred. Repord Bug?

I reported 3 times!

(Robert Crum) #2

Reporting a bug: does not mean Leaders will correct this bug immediately

(Nikhil27B YT) #3

Refresh your Page

(alex khachikyan) #4

Not Helped :frowning:

(Nikhil27B YT) #5

Show your error screenshot

(alex khachikyan) #6


Why not a click on “Report Bug”?
Then you will see a new dialog which shows maybe more informations.

(alex khachikyan) #8

I pressed and Reported


And what have the error message shown to you?

(alex khachikyan) #10


Make sure you use the latest companion apk

(Sivagiri Visakan) closed #13

(Closing as the OP marked the topic with “FIXED”)