Kodular builder lags

Kodular builder tend to lag when I work with a lot of blocks (in my case it’s around 1800).
I did check most of the app builder forums for a solution and I realized that ‘the problem can be solved by avoiding redundancy’ & also upgrading my PC configuration (which I can’t do right now). So I had a look at my blocks. Then I had a feeling that ‘these 3 blocks can be shortened’:

What do you guys think ?
lock1, lock2, lock3,…etc. are just layouts. They all have the very same ‘lock picture’ in it. Actually it’s a lock system. When user unlocks a level the lock picture corresponding to that particular level is set to ‘false’.

I have 4k blocks and yes it is slow… but not unmanagable

Per your question.

The one on fhe right you have different procedures for it. Is rhere a similarity?


Other ones… yes…you ca create a numeric loop to go through then use this block.


The procedures that are to be called are different. Cause the firebase links for each levels (procedures) are different.

Show me two of them and lets see if we can cut it down

You can collapse them. You can create he URL using the JOIN feature . If you click o this gear you cxan pass a value as well


I will have to experiment :sweat_smile:

As cian said, add an input value, say “n”

to level_n (n) {
    set Screen2.Title to join("Level", get n);
    set global firebase_link to join("[whatever you inked out]/Level", get n);
    call level_common;

Which Browser Do you use? I use Chrome and it starts to lag when i reach 800+ Blocks… I don’t think ram is an issue because i have 8GB and i use Chrome

Firefox, 6-7000+ blocks no issue here, maybe a little lag if all blocks are open/expanded



I think the slowness is not due entirely to the number of blocks. I think this is due to several factors, it is clear that something influences the number of blocks, but I tried several computers and discovered that the speed of the processor is very important. In my opinion, the computer creates a virtual space where we move the blocks and the processor is the one that manages that space if there is more space, more work for the processor. In my case, I am working with a 3 Ghz processor with more than 4000 blocks and I hardly see a delay. Of course, memory and a good internet connection are vital.


When you have a little project, i agree that chrome feels faster. But with big project, for me, chrome freeze every 5 seconds (i have intel i5 with 12GB ram). With firefox there is no lags with bigs project (And improved privacy).


if i work with firebase it is impossible to work in my project. I hae so mmuch lags that i cannot moe a block.
WIth google no proble.
And i hae the surface book 2 with the best components what you can get.
i7 gtx 1060

Then the internet is your issue and not your pc specification


i have a 100MBit internet, so i believe thats not the porblem.
As i told with google chrome is have no troubles.

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For me it is the opposite but it may be because I dislike using chrome on pc.

Actually that doesn’t tell me much how fast you communicate with the server


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