Kodular cannot build this project, stuck at compiling source files

Kodular cannot build this project. The compiler error output was ________Preparing application icon ________Creating animation xml ________Creating xml fragment ________Creating xml listview in res/layout/… ________Creating xml listview in res/layout-v21/… ________Creating xml in res/drawable/… ________Creating splash png in res/drawable/… ________Creating xml colors ________Creating xml styles ________Creating xml v21 drawables ________Checking firebase ________Creating provider_path xml ________Creating network_security_config xml ________Generating adaptive icon file ________Generating round adaptive icon file ________Generating adaptive icon background file ________Generating manifest file ________Attaching native libraries ________Attaching Android Archive (AAR) libraries ________Attaching component assets ________Invoking AAPT AAPT time: 0.914 seconds ________Compiling the source files

Can someone help me?

Hello user and welcome.

Please, always search the community when you want to ask a question. I know you’re new to this community, but it really helps by following the rules.


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Can you help me?

follow the previous advice

the last guy with that problem also searched the community and found this solution