Kodular Companion don't work tonight

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i check all items

You did in fact check, but didn’t wait for a response…

Posting a new topic won’t get you a response faster, and if it does, it’ll be the same one over and over again.

why alwayes happning ? like that some day work on same browser and after some days its stop working . companion

Install all browsers such as edge , opera , firefox and chrome.
At least one browser will be working all the time.

@vknow360 you are right but no need to install all browsers
I am using Firefox browser and it is working very fine

Firefox is likely to work even after the fix is moved to Kodular, it’s fixed in AI2, but because Kodular doesn’t constantly pull from GitHub and update Kodular daily, it was not moved to Kodular. I’m sure in the next major update, it will be. Firefox is likely going to be unaffected, as I said, simply because it is not a fork of Chromium, and as you’ve seen, it’s only Chromium browsers running into this issue.

Firefox is a good browser when you don’t need sync between android and windows.
However I always find Opera working with AI2 and Kodular.

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But opera is not working for me currently that’s it why I have switched to Firefox from opera