Kodular companion is not working today 19/10/2020 at 13:25 IST

I am not able to connect to Kodular companion, is there any issue at Kodular server side or the issue is at my side? how to check it?

i also have the same issue today

i also but after clear data . it work’s fine

solution is that just clear data of companion

I cleared the cache and data of kodular companion and even Restarted my Phone and Laptop, but still not working

Yes True, Same Going With Me.

Be patient,server automatically restarts every hour, so waiting a little should make the problem go away


nothing problem with me? how? i opened one of my paint apps with companion and it worked at 13:38

this trick is working for me -

  1. click on connect to companion.(i know this will not working)
  2. then click on cancel and refresh your kodular creator tab.
  3. now it will automatically open your project. just click on connect to companion.

enter your code in mobile phone. then it will surely work :wink:

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make sure - do not open other project and don’t click on your current project (as it automatically open)

Now it has started working on its own, I think there might be some server issue