Companion is off?

Hi there, everyone,
I am trying to test my app, so in Kodular Creator I click Test > Connect to Companion, then I scan or type the code using Kodular Companion. But after typing the code or scanning qr code in the app nothing happens, as if I haven’t clicked the button to send the code and connect. The website doesn’t change either.
I tried in two different phones. and restarted the computer before opening this topic.

I got to use Companion a little earlier. Anyone else with this problem too? Or have some tip to solve the problem?
Edit: In there is no signal of problems


This is may be caused for your Internet Connectivity. I would suggest you to reinstall a fresh companion. & Please make sure you are using a great network connectivity.

This types of problems are very commons in kodular. Although my network speed is average from a broadband but the Kodular Companion often disturbs me.

35mb, internet is very good today. I am downloading a 100mb file in a few seconds.
If the connection was bad the app would communicate with kodular server and the website would update. Then it would take a long time to load and could happen some error. But that is not the case.
I even tried with empty project and didn’t work either.

Well, I think the only thing to do is hope that the problem disappears tomorrow

Currently I am connected with Kodular Companion. You can try reinstalling the kodular companion. Thats I know :roll_eyes:

I tried reinstall and of 2 others phones. Nothing worked

Ooo! So Sorry for that? But what can we do… try later :blush: