Kodular Companion Connection Not working

Is anyone experiencing problems with Kodular Companion not connecting? I scan the code and nothing happens. If I type in the code nothing happens either.


Yes me2 :thinking:


me2, sometimes, just now it works

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This happens to me too, what I do is just close the tab and open a new one, thats fixed it for me everytime.

Ya also with me but it connect after 2 minutes

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Mine is working now not sure what changed…

The companion app is not working again, am I doing something wrong?? I click on Test from the menu and select connect to companion. I scan the QI code and nothing happens… Any help will be appreciated…

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same happening with me now.

Check Server Status

If Server Shows That it is not Working Then Wait

Else Create a Empty Project Connect It, Then Go To
menu Choose The Project You Want .alternatively You Can Create App By Clicking This link

Same problem. Any solution?

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